GWS PWB-150LV Vertical Pressure Tank

Pressure Tank. GWS PWB-150LV Vertical Pressure Tank


Specifications :

Model : Vertical Tank
Capacity : 150 L
Connections : 1″
Max. Working Pressure : 10 Bar/150 PSI
Max. Temperature : 90 C
Tank Precharge : 1.9 Bar/28 PSI
Shipping Weight : 34.6 Kg
Shipping Volume : 0.28 m3
Tank Diameter : 53 cm
Tank Height : 93.8 cm
Base Height : 13.9 cm

Features :

Leak Free, O-Ring Sealed Air Valve Cap
Single Diaphragm Design
Two Part Polyurethane, Epoxy Primed Paint Finish
Nylon Plastic Pump Stand
Virgin Polypropylene Liner
Patented Stainless Steel Water Connection
Plastic Tank Feet


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